About Us

Punch Buggy Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. The organization was founded to encourage the community to get active and educate the public on healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits through the Endurance for Food Program. We are dedicated and enthusiastic in our belief that good nutrition and physical fitness build a path to a greater quality of life.

We work to:

  • Provide families with limited resources, living with food scarcity or in food deserts the opportunity for better nutrition and exercise to improve overall health
  • Operate as a network to provide resources, materials, ideas and education to promote the health, well being and nutritional status of the community
  • Promote, support and educate the community on wellness and nutrition related issues at a local level

Endurance for Food Program goals for 2017:

  • Fund and develop the Endurance for Food Bus (pic 1.1) serving the mission to supply nutrition and education to underserved areas
  • Provide up to 20 triathlon training scholarships and 20 race scholarships to youth dealing with limited resources
  • Raise money by holding fun, safe and family-friendly endurance events that promote fitness, wellness and fun!
  • Build business health to properly maintain staff and programs
  • Increase program visibility in the DFW metroplex


1.1 Endurance for Food Bus – mobile nutrition and education


Debra Cortese